What is the Hottest Hounds?


The Hottest Hounds is a beautiful coffee table book that features local dogs at area hot spots. This is a book about dogs being dogs and having fun! We don't want posed pictures of dogs, we want to see your dog's lively personality and create a book that is gorgeous and entertaining.


How can my dog get in the book?


All dogs, big and small, full bred and rescue are invited to be a part of the Hottest Hounds book. You can purchase one or two pages for your fur baby.


Where will the pictures be taken?


All of the pictures will be taken outside at local hot spots like parks, college campuses and other dog friendly landmarks.


What if my dog doesn’t pose well or can’t get off his leash?


Not a problem! We definitely don’t want portraits of posed dogs. That’s no fun! We want fun, silly, wild photos of dogs being dogs! Our photographer does a great job of capturing each dog’s personality, on leash or off! If you have multiple dogs, please plan to bring someone with you to the photo shoot to help you. This will ensure that your photo shoot goes smoothly and that the photographer gets great pictures.


Do I get to preview and choose which picture goes in the book?


The editor will decide which pictures go in the book. She is awesome and does a great job of choosing the best pictures to make the book fun and flow well. If you would like to see the pictures taken of your pooch, you can purchase a CD for $50. Each CD will contain 10 to 20 images that you can use however you like.


Can multiple dogs be on the same page?


Up to three dogs can be on the same page. If you have four or more dogs, you will need to purchase a two page spread.


How much money will go to the non-profit?


30% of the sale of each book will be donated to the local non-profit.


How long will the photo shoot last?


The photo shoot only takes a few minutes. We only need a couple of great shots for the editor and the photographer’s camera takes about 5 pictures per second! It should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.


What should I bring with me to the photo shoot?


You can bring your dog’s favorite toy and/or treat. You can also bring a favorite collar or bandana.


How long does the whole process, from start to finish, does it take until the book is ready?


We want to finish the book as quickly as possible, but the ultimate goal of the Hottest Hounds is to raise as much money as possible for the local non-profit. We will promote, take pictures, edit, publish and print the book and this takes time. The book could be finished in about 7 or 8 months, but it could take as long as 10 months, just depending on how quickly we sell out the pages.


Will there be more books?


Yes! We plan to do a Hottest Hounds book in your city every two years. It will grow every year and be a great money maker for the non-profit.


Will the pictures in the book be color or black & white?


The pictures in the book will be black & white. Your digital image(s) will be in color.

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